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South by Southwest Sydney® (SXSW Sydney) arrives for one week every October, filled with discussions and festivals that bring together different people to inspire unexpected discoveries. Our inaugural year featured a remarkable 1,178 sessions and events, welcoming over 287,000 attendees and participants from 41 countries. Numbers aside, it was the countless serendipitous encounters, professional goals kicked and new ideas sparked that really stole the show.

A major contribution to SXSW Sydney’s Conference programming comes via Session Select, which enables individuals and groups to submit proposals to be voted on by the broader SXSW Sydney community. Register now to vote for as many submissions as you see worthy, until voting closes on April 25.

For more information, please refer to our webinar to learn more or our submission guidelines, if you’re looking for our top tips to submitting please refer to the following link and to submit, use the following link.

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2050 programming is long range and forward looking offering a glimpse into our future or possible futures. Featuring the latest scientific and technological advancements such as life extension research, nanotech and quantum breakthroughs, interplanetary travel and habitation, and other innovations that continue to shape our world.
Advertising & Marketing
Hear from leading agencies across the Asia Pacific and globally on the power and impact of brands, and uncover strategies to engage audiences through traditional, digital and experiential marketing. These sessions are geared towards agencies, in-house teams and organisations that want to explore new ways to connect with their communities.
AI & Robotics
Discover the expansion of AI across all industries and the coming wave. Sessions in this track may also explore regulation, ethics, misinformation, cyber & data privacy, the impact of AI on an evolving workforce and the integration of AI & robotics.
Creator Economy
Hear from key opinion leaders, agencies and content creators on the trends, tools, and monetisation strategies fuelling the creator economy. From how to build communities and brands, to the opportunities and challenges that come with this shift in how people work and connect.
Culture, Society & Media
From local to global, our collective interactions, engagements and experiences give our lives meaning, influencing how communities function and individuals thrive. Programming explores the dynamic interplay of culture, communities, government, and the policy directions that impact us all.
Cyber & Your Data
Programming in this track examines the critical measures and practices designed to protect our sensitive information, and to ensure the integrity of digital systems. Topics span deepfakes, cyber threats, employee training and risk management, encryption and the future of security technologies.
The designers, developers, architects, and creatives who build our physical, digital and virtual worlds, with an emphasis on design's role in fostering innovation and addressing complex challenges.
Education & Skills
Bringing together educators, industry professionals and thought leaders on the future of education and EdTech. This track explores evolving approaches in learning, from personalised learning experiences, microlearning, recruitment and workplace training, to the impact of emerging technologies across the sector.
Energy, Climate & Sustainability
Explore the latest innovations, solutions, and approaches to building a sustainable and resilient future. Programming focuses on the energy sector, including alternative and renewable energy sources, ClimateTech, and promising ideas on mitigating (and living with) the effects of climate change.
Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty
A dynamic and ever-evolving sector, encompassing a wide range of people, styles, trends & products. From research, design and manufacturing, to logistics, retail and end-use, explore how we experience and engage with these industries and their impact on our lives.
Hear from chefs, growers, creators, and tech innovators transforming the food industry and explore how we will grow, prepare, and experience food. Bringing together the brightest minds in the food industry across production, technology, agriculture, distribution, retail, and consumption.
Future of Work
With a focus on the evolution of when, where, and how we work, programming explores the changing nature of societal expectations, remote collaboration, physical workspaces, technological advancements, and the impact of these changes on individuals, organisations, and communities.
Games Industry
With the games industry's continued rise as a dominant entertainment platform, programming explores its integration across industries including new technologies, e-commerce, entertainment, social media investment opportunities and Esports.
Health & MedTech
Health & MedTech sessions explore the latest advances in healthcare, improving patient outcomes, and driving technical innovation in the medical field, from gene editing technologies, through to personalised medicine, psychedelics and mental health outcomes.
Money, Markets & FinTech
Programming examines the influences impacting a tech-driven global economy, including the changes and challenges to our systems of commerce, AI, economic trends, the evolution of financial services, the dynamics of crypto, inflation, supply chains and other disruptions in our world.
Music Industry
Explore how technology continues to re-invent how we create, discover, distribute, promote and experience music. Hear from leading figures across the industry, including artists, record labels, brands, streaming platforms, and live events on the enduring power of music to shape culture. Programming also offers professional development, touring and career guidance.
Screen Industry
The creative and business processes behind creating screen, episodic & self-produced content. Hear from iconic creatives including producers, directors, and actors; and explore current and future trends in audience engagement, screen technology, distribution, financing and streaming platforms in this ever-changing industry.
Sports Industry
From icons to innovators, discover the breakthroughs in technology, biometrics, data analysis, fan experiences, brands, health, revenue streams, media and sponsorship that continue to reshape this global industry.
These sessions will feature the brightest new entrepreneurial ideas, unexpected founders, funders, success stories and epic failures that make up the experience of launching a new venture.
Technology: Presented by CommBank
Technology sessions delve into the people, platforms and technological solutions creating the next wave of change. This track will explore emerging and existing technologies, with a focus on growth across the Asia Pacific as well as Australia and global players.
Transport & Smart Cities
Tackle the technological advances transforming transport and the development of smart cities. With a focus on electric and autonomous vehicles, sessions can also explore digital grids, aviation breakthroughs, commercial space travel, shipping technology, high speed rail, alternative fuels, and new ideas in micro-mobility.
Travel & Leisure
Discover the destinations and new experiences that have become increasingly popular as well as emerging trends, breakthrough technologies and challenges these industries continue to face.
XR & Metaverse
Explore the latest developments in immersive technologies, from virtual and augmented realities to digital identities and the metaverse. Sessions navigate the potential of these mind-bending experiences across industries - from healthcare to entertainment - through new software and hardware technologies.