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Showcasing at SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival

SXSW Sydney 2024 will be a game-changer for every filmmaker and screen creative dreaming about the premiere of their  feature film, short, episodic or XR project.

With a spotlight on the Asia-Pacific region, but inclusive of all corners of the globe, the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival brings together creative people from different industries to deliver an unparalleled experience — one at the forefront of discovery, creativity, and innovation. The SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival takes place 15-21 October 2024.

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SXSW Sydney will review all submissions received and will be in touch with applicants on or before 1 Sept 2024 regarding their invitation status.

If you still have any questions regarding the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival, please email us at screenfest@sxswsydney.com, check the official SXSW Sydney website and subscribe to our newsletters for the latest updates.

“SXSW thrives on connection and discovery, and we’re creating SXSW Sydney in that spirit. We’ll connect the industry as we showcase the edgiest in screen business, break the next big things, celebrate the bold and provide a place of genuine inspiration. SXSW Sydney will put Australia and Asia’s screen industry on high beam.” – Ghita Loebenstein, SXSW Sydney Head of Screen

Sxsw Sydney 2024 Screen Festival Submission Faqs

How can I submit my film or project for consideration for SXSW Sydney 2024?
Entries for the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival are now closed.

SXSW Sydney requires all projects to be submitted digitally, via URL link. If you change this link without contacting SXSW Sydney, your submission may become ineligible for consideration.
  • Your submission link must be to a secure, online version of your film via an external site (i.e. your own website, Vimeo, etc.) and must be working before you submit your application.
  • If you submit a project which contains dialogue in a language other than English, please include English subtitles.
  • Please do not send physical copies (e.g. DVD, Blu-Ray) as physical media will not be considered.
For more information visit our SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival submissions page. Once you’ve read through that information, submit your film or project!
What are the runtimes for all submission categories?
  • Feature Film: over 40 mins.
  • Episodic/TV: no time restrictions on Episodic submissions.
  • Short Film: under 40 mins.
  • Music video: must be under 10 minutes in length.
  • XR Experience: no time restrictions.
What is the SXSW Sydney 2024 eligibility criteria regarding premiere status?
The premiere status of your submission is an important factor. However, it is not absolute. All things being equal, a higher premiere status will get the spot. Premiere requirements will vary by screening section.

SXSW Sydney recognises the following premiere statuses:
  • World Premiere: your submission has never screened before, online or at a physical festival or cinema.
  • Australian Premiere: your submission has* screened outside of Australia.
  • Sydney / NSW Premiere: your submission has* screened in Australia, but not in Sydney or the State of NSW in Australia.
  • Not a premiere: your submission has* screened in Sydney or the State of NSW in Australia.
*Already has or will have by October 2024.

SXSW Sydney does not place any restrictions on the premiere status of music videos. We recognise that the vast majority of music videos screened at SXSW Sydney 2024 will have premiered online prior to the festival.

It’s important to note that only  OFFICIAL ARTIST APPROVED  music videos are eligible for SXSW Sydney, meaning that the music video should be the official music video for that song by that artist, that is, the artist and/or label commissioned the video and have approved the creation. SXSW Sydney will require proof of approval if your music video is selected.
Who should be the Primary Contact on my submission?
The submission’s Primary contact should be one person who is going to be SXSW Sydney’s sole contact until the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival takes place in October 2024. The status of your entry will be divulged to this contact person only, so ensure this contact can be easily reached via email and phone and can respond quickly. In most cases, this contact will be the only person with whom SXSW Sydney is in touch before the festival.

To keep important SXSW Sydney 2024 emails from landing in the Primary Contact’s spam folder, it’s a good idea to add this address to your Contact list: screenfest@sxswsydney.com.
What are the submission fees for the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival? 
  • Features: $95.00, including GST
  • Shorts / Music Videos / XR / Episodic: $55.00, including GST
Do you waive submission fees for student filmmakers and/or artists?
Unfortunately not.
What are SXSW Sydney’s policies regarding refunds, badges, and the terms and conditions?
Information about our policies regarding refunds and use of credentials can be found here in our terms and conditions. Please make sure to read and understand these before making any purchases.
Should I send stills with my entry?
No. SXSW Sydney cannot accept any materials regarding submissions outside of the official SXSW Sydney Screen Festival submissions platform. Unfortunately, we receive too many submissions to accept stills, trailers, EPKs or other assets. Additionally, our audience will only be seeing your project, so our team makes its programming decisions based on the work itself.

Aligning with our goal to make SXSW Sydney a green event, we also request that you do not send any physical media kits, photos or any other extraneous material.
When will I hear from SXSW Sydney after I make my submission?
You will receive three emails from SXSW Sydney after successfully making your submission:
  • Receipt for your SXSW Sydney Screen Festival submission fee.
  • Submission confirmation — email confirmation that SXSW Sydney has received your submission within 24 hours of you making it through our Screen Festival submissions portal. If you do not receive this within 24 hours, please email screenfest@sxswsydney.com to ensure your submission has been received and is under consideration.
  • Screen Festival decision — it takes several months for the SXSW Sydney programming team to finalise the selection process. SXSW Sydney will send notifications beginning mid 2024. All applicants will be informed of their submissions’ status no later than 1 Sept, 2024.
What is the difference between a SXSW Sydney Screen Festival “submission” and a SXSW Sydney Screen “badge”?
A submission is a request to be considered for a screening slot at the SXSW Sydney Screen Festival. A Screen Badge is a credential that allows the holder to attend SXSW Sydney events.You do not need to purchase a badge to make a Screen Festival submission. All Screen Festival applications, whether their submissions are accepted or not, will be able to buy a badge to attend SXSW Sydney at the lowest rate after notification of status, if they choose to do so. If you buy a badge at a higher rate or decide not to attend if you are not offered a showcase, refunds are not available.
If my Feature, Episodic or Music Video is accepted, what format will I have to provide for theatrical exhibition?
We will require a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) file for exhibition playback at all SXSW Sydney Screen Festival events. A backup format may be required in addition to the DCP. You can email screenfest@sxswsydney.com for further questions concerning exhibition playback.
If my XR experience is accepted, what format will I have to provide for theatrical exhibition and where will it be exhibited?
All XR Experiences accepted as part of the festival may be required to provide their preferred supported devices and additional technical support for the duration of the exhibition during SXSW Sydney 2024. Please email screenfest@sxswsydney.com if you have any further questions.
If my project is accepted for the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival, will SXSW Sydney pay for my accommodation and/or travel?
No. SXSW Sydney provides a limited number of complimentary SXSW Sydney Screen badges for applicants whose projects are accepted into the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival. Successful applicants must cover their own travel and accommodation costs and will not be compensated monetarily.
If my project is not selected for the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival, should I still come to SXSW Sydney?
Opportunities for filmmakers and screen creatives do not stop at screenings. The SXSW Sydney 2024 Conference offers informative panels, mentor sessions, artist and industry leader interviews, attendee lounges and parties, endless opportunities to network, and more. As a SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival applicant, if you are not offered a showcase, you can purchase a SXSW Sydney 2024 Badge at the lowest rate and access the many benefits of SXSW Sydney.

Email screenfest@sxswsydney.com for questions.
If my submission is successful will I receive any compensation from SXSW Sydney?
If selected for the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen festival, each film will receive two SXSW Sydney Filmmaker Accreditations. Each successful team also has an option to purchase additional discounted SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen badges at the early bird price.
What access does a Filmmaker accreditation provide?
The SXSW Sydney 2024 Filmmaker accreditation provides you with the opportunity to make the most of SXSW Sydney 2024 by providing the same access as a SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen badge PLUS access to the official SXSW Sydney filmmakers lounge.

Enjoy primary access to:
  • Conference Keynotes
  • Conference Panels and Featured Sessions
  • SXSW Sydney Tech & Innovation Expo
  • Screen Festival Screenings and Events
  • Screen Festival Exclusive Premieres
  • Screen Industry Workshops and Mentor Sessions
  • Screen Industry Meet-ups, Networking Events and Parties
  • Screen Industry Showcases, Launches and Exclusive Events
And secondary access to all other activities across the week, including:
  • Tech Industry Meet-ups, Networking Events and Parties
  • Tech Industry Showcases, Launches and Exclusive Events
  • Startup Pitch
  • Games Ex
  • Games Festival
  • Games Industry Meet-ups, Networking Events and Parties
  • Games Industry Showcases, Launches and Exclusive Events
  • Music Festival Shows and Events
  • Music Industry Meet-ups, Networking Events and Parties
  • Music Industry Showcases, Launches and Exclusive Events
I’ve made my SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival submission. How do I reserve accommodation for my team/crew/me in case it’s selected?
We recommend booking your hotel rooms as soon as you receive your acceptance.
My film won’t be completed in time for your submission deadline. Can I submit a rough cut?
Please send your film in the most complete and finished form possible. While SXSW Sydney does accept work-in progress cuts, we will not consider more complete versions after your application has been submitted. Note that work-in-progress cuts must be at picture lock; temporary sound or colour is acceptable.

As part of your application, you will be asked to provide a list of incomplete elements, which should include detail on the state of your work’s colour-correction, sound mix, special effects, etc.

To reiterate: SXSW Sydney will only review the first submitted cut. Please do not submit trailers, screenplays, press kits, or anything else in lieu of a completed (or near-completed) film.
I’ve made my SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival submission. How do I reserve accommodation for my team/crew/me in case it’s selected?
We recommend booking your hotel rooms as soon as you receive your acceptance. Making your hotel arrangements early will allow you the most hotel selections. We invite you to explore the range of SXSW Sydney exclusive accommodation options available here.

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