BALTHVS, the Bogota, Colombia based psychedelic funk trio was formed in the countryside while the group waited out the 2020 pandemic. The band was  escaping the city during uncertain times and according to Balthazar Aguirre,  “we wanted the music to meld with the peaceful environment surrounding us at that moment.” Alongside Aguirre (guitar, vocals), the band consists of Johanna Mercuriana (bass, vocals) and Santiago Lizcano (drums, vocals). Their genre-defying sound blends cumbia, surf rock, funk, and Turkish  musical influences. The music is comprised of lyrics in English, Spanish and  plenty of instrumentals that meld mysticism and psychedelics. “Colombia is  very psychedelic, there’s plenty of availability and a lot of traditional  medicine involving entheogens and plant medicine around.” The result is a captivating sonic tapestry that transcends conventional boundaries, captivating listeners with its multifaceted influences. Known for their dynamic and electrifying live performances, BALTHVS has become synonymous with energetic shows and captivating improvisations. Since  their inception, the band has embarked on a prolific creative journey,  releasing an impressive catalog featuring over 34 singles and 3 full-length albums. Their music has resonated globally, amassing over 6.8 million streams worldwide, establishing BALTHVS as a formidable presence in the music  industry. While BALTHVS has conquered their home turf, gracing the stage at Colombia’s largest music festival, Rock al Parque, they have also taken their  infectious sound to international audiences. With three performances at SXSW  in Austin, TX, a successful U.S. tour, and a triumphant inaugural European  tour in 2024, the band is poised for even greater heights with a new  full-length LP set to release on Mixto Records in the fall. Eager to continue  their sonic exploration, BALTHVS is set to enchant audiences worldwide with  their innovative and boundary-pushing approach to music.