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The SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen offering brings together creatives across a wide range of specialties from around the world, with a particular focus on the incredible talent within the Asia-Pacific region. With a program that includes feature films, shorts, TV premieres, music videos, and XR, we wholeheartedly embrace the democratisation of screen storytelling. Join us in this celebration of the moving-image and its future.  

The SXSW Sydney 2024 Conference, including Screen Industry related conference sessions and mentoring, runs from October 14 - 18 with the 2024 Screen Festival taking place from October 15 - 20.

What To Expect

Screen Industry Program

The Screen Industry program offers a dynamic platform for professionals across the screen industry to refine their skills, propel their careers, and stay abreast of the latest advancements. Through an array of workshops, seminars, and events—including live director commentary, expert-led workshops, AMA sessions, and pitch opportunities—it provides a space for continuous learning and collaboration. More than just a venue for professional growth, it serves as a gathering point for all industry members to converge, celebrate their shared passions, and drive innovation collectively.

Curated Mentorship Program

We're dedicated to showcasing your work and ensuring you're part of pivotal industry moments. Our screen mentorship program offers both traditional one-on-one sessions and intimate classroom-style gatherings with influential figures from various sectors of the screen industry. From directors to stunt coordinators, composers to marketers, we aim to bring together diverse voices for engaging discussions, practical skill-building sessions, and invaluable advice and insights. Our Screen Mentorship program will offer traditional one-one sessions along with small classroom style sessions with key international people across the screen industry.

Screen Festival

The SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival is doubling down on genre filmmaking, building on the success of 2023. Additionally, we're expanding our short film programming to showcase the exceptional talent emerging from APAC and beyond. A special student showcase will also be featured, spotlighting young and emerging talent. Our headliner sessions will dominate Darling Harbour from Monday to Friday, offering an exclusive sneak peek into thrilling mainstream releases.

2024 BADGEs
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Screen BADGE


Bringing together the creators and leaders breaking new ground in the Screen industry your SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Badge will give you primary access to showcases, exclusive screenings, premieres, launches, networking sessions, and more. The SXSW Sydney 2024 Conference will dive into this rapidly changing creative space among 22 other future focused tracks.

  • Primary Access to Screen Festival
  • Access to the Conference and the Tech & Innovation Expo
  • Secondary Access to Games & Music Festival
  • Industry Curated Networking & Daily Meet-ups
  • Xpress Passes
  • Exclusive Platinum Opening Party
  • Exclusive Co-Working Space
  • Exclusive Platinum Lounge
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Screen Wristband

SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival Wristband holders can access every Screen Festival event after attending Platinum & Screen Badge holders have been admitted. Wristband holders can also access the Tech & Innovation Expo at the ICC.

  • Secondary Access to Screen Festival
  • Access to the Tech & Innovation Expo
  • Access to the Conference
  • Access to Games & Music Festival
  • Industry Curated Networking & Daily Meet-ups
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Platinum BADGE

Unlock the week’s offering with a Platinum Badge. Experience the full breadth and depth of our ground-breaking Conference Sessions, with primary access to each Festival, the Tech & Innovation Expo, unparalleled networking opportunities and a suite of exclusive Platinum only experiences.

  • Access to the Conference
  • Xpress Passes*
  • Primary Access to Festivals*
  • Exclusive Platinum Opening Party*
  • Exclusive Co-Working Space
  • Exclusive Platinum Lounge
  • Networking & Daily Meet-ups
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