SXSW Sydney Drops First Four Short Films for 2024 Screen Festival Program

May 6, 2024

Buzz around the SXSW Sydney Screen Festival is already building as the first four short films are dropped! 

First Round of Announced Short Films

  • Fishtank (Wendi Tang, China/USA) | Jules, a Chinese American woman, has been sober for a year but can’t stop vomiting goldfish. Striving to put her life back on track, she must preserve control when a fish enthusiast unexpectedly enters her life.
  • Meat Puppet (Eros V, UK) | Oz, neglecting his girlfriend’s graduation for toys, receives a puppet.  Trying it on, his soul is trapped.  With his human body dying, he faces his life choices.  To save his relationship and survive, he must do what he’s always avoided: grow up.
  • Vivie (Hweiling Ow, New Zealand) | A sexually frustrated young woman is desperate to persuade her vagina to open up when she bumps into an ex-boyfriend.
  • Make Me a Pizza (Talia Shea Levin, USA) | A very hungry woman tells a pizza delivery guy she can't pay for the pizza she ordered. But can the sex she offers instead of currency possibly equate to the true value of a pizza? Is there anything that can be worthy of pizza, aside from what the market has decided? Together the two decide that their only option is to become the pizza object themselves, to make each other into pizza, in order to become free.

The SXSW Sydney Screen pillar includes the Screen Festival, Screen Industry Program and Curated Mentorship Program. 

The multifaceted offering brings together creatives across a wide range of specialities from around the world and provides an unparalleled platform for Asia-Pacific creators to showcase their work to those shaping the future of the industry. 

Programming spans feature films, shorts, TV premieres, music videos and XR.

Enter Your Submission!

Submissions for the SXSW Sydney 2024 Screen Festival Showcase close July 25th 5PM AEDT. To submit your game, head here.

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