Over 500 new speakers, workshops, artists, screenings, games and experiences just added!

June 25, 2024

Here it is! We’re thrilled to reveal the second wave of additions to our 2024 lineup — featuring more than 500 new speakers, workshops, artists, screenings, games and experiences. 

Following a phenomenal response to Session Select, SXSW Sydney Conference is thrilled to release its latest round of panels, talks and workshops. 

Leading the charge of international thought leaders appearing is Reed Jobs, Founder of venture capital firm Yosemite, which has raised more than $200 million to finance innovation in cancer care. 

As a badge holder, you will also hear from Google DeepMind AI researcher Clare Bycroft, Managing Director of Bunnings Mike Schneider, Founder of BuildClub Annie Liao, Deputy Associate Dean Education, UTS Business Dr Amanda White OAM, Founder and Lead of the first National Indigenous Space Academy (NISA) Professor Christopher Lawrence, CEO of Andromeda Robotics Grace Brown, and many more.

In addition, The SXSW Sydney Music Festival has dropped more than 60 new additions to its stacked lineup, including the first Indonesian band to play Glastonbury, Voice of Baceprot. Curated from over 1200 submissions, artists from this announcement hail from over 10 different countries. 

Our online schedule is ready to go so dive in, start favouriting the sessions and artists you want to see and get ready for October!

Newly added Sessions:

  • The Genomic Transformation of Medicine | The field of medicine is undergoing explosive change, driven by exponential advances in three fields: genomics, which generates high-resolution data on the human body; data science, which uses that data to understand disease; and therapeutics, which enables increasingly precise molecular changes to prevent or cure disease. This panel discussion involves world-leading experts in each of these three fields, chaired by genomic medicine and child health advocate Sarah Murdoch, genomics expert Daniel MacArthur, DeepMind AI researcher Clare Bycroft, and stem cell therapeutics developer Enzo Porrello.  The panel will discuss the current state and future opportunities for these transformative technologies, and grapple with the impending challenges of cost, data privacy, and equity in the genomic era. 
  • Betting Big on Bio — Why the Future of the World Will Be Defined By Biotech | Technology and AI are changing the way we live our lives, but there’s also a lot of big problems remaining — disease, ageing, climate change, biodiversity, food security… that tech alone can’t solve. Or can it? In this session, Reed Jobs, Emily Casey and a panel of biomedical experts examine how and why the future of the world, and business, rests on the shoulders of biotechnology. 
  • The Plausible Future of Trust | A discussion with Managing Director of Bunnings Mike Schneider, interviewed by Nadine Parkington from Think Nimble. As the leader of one of Australia’s most trusted brands,  how is Mike thinking about the future of trust? How do you approach building on earned trust in a time of fast evolving technology and social changes? And for those trying to win back or start from scratch — what are the core principles and learnings that stand the test of change that we can draw upon?
  • Move Fast and Fix Things: Tech Driving Thoughtful Social Impact | Australia’s most successful founders and tech businesses are consciously — and with urgency — using their resources for maximum social impact. Hear how the tech community’s thoughtful donation of time, profit, equity, and product is transforming the lives of people experiencing disadvantage and the planet. Moderated by Antonia Ruffell (StartGiving), along with impact experts including Tash Keuneman, (Keuneman Foundation).
  • Democracy Under Fire: The Threat of Deepfakes, Disinformation and Fake News on a Global Scale | Hear from leading experts as they take you through the social, political and economic implications of deepfakes, disinformation and fake news, and the impact they’ll have in 2024’s record-breaking year for global elections. Featuring Australia’s e-Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant, National Security expert Dr Miah Hammond-Errey, Associate Professor Marian-Andrei Rizoiu and Sophie Farthing
  • How Changing Your Clothes Can Change Your Life | How we dress has the power to change the course of our life. Join Fashion Profiler and multi-Emmy Award-nominated TV journalist, Kathryn Eisman, and celebrated journalist, television presenter, and fellow fearless fashion lover, Jessica Rowe, as they discuss the fascinating truth about our clothing choices and their profound influence on our subconscious mind. 
  • Pioneers and Prodigies: The Next Generation of Venture Capital | Join Co-founder of Blackbird Niki Scevak, Founder of BuildClub Annie Liao, alongside Paul Naphtali, and Mitchell Hughes in understanding the future of venture capital and what role different generations of investors play. This panel will uncover the dynamics between experienced investors and newcomers, discussing their coexistence in the art of investing into startups, and the question: should young investors should even have a seat at the table to begin with?
  • X Marks The Spot: Incentives Fuelling Innovation | The XPRIZE initiative has driven some of the fundamental changes we have seen in the world such as the creation of the commercial space industry and the commercial lunar landing capability. This session moderated  by Prof Catherine Ball will discuss technologies that map the ocean floor, creating a tricorder, and how robots are becoming our avatars. Current problems being tackled include fighting wildfires, reversing ageing, creating freshwater for the world, and promoting new quantum computing applications. 
  • Astral Oddities: Exploring the Universe’s Worst Vacation Spots |  From planets that smell like flatulence to stars attempting to destroy their planets’ atmospheres, audience members might leave this un-travelogue of cosmic locations, not on anyone’s vacation bucket list, with a newfound appreciation of our habitable Earth. Go on a galactic journey with astronomers Dr Benjamin Montet, Professor Melissa Ness, Associate Professor Sarah Martell & Dr Sven Buder.  
  • Abi: Your Best Friend out of the Box | Join Grace Brown, CEO of Andromeda Robotics, as she introduces Abi, the humanoid companion robot ready to be your best friend straight out of the box. Learn about the innovative technology behind Abi and how she's transforming companionship in our modern world. This session will delve into Abi's development, features, and real-world impact.
  • Will Generative AI empower education? Exploring the impact on student learning, assessment and wellbeing | Hear from Associate Professor Dr Amanda White OAM (Deputy Associate Dean Education, UTS Business), Professor Cath Ellis (Academic Director, University of Sydney), Professor Danny Liu (Cogniti AI), Kane Murdoch (Macquarie University) as they discuss the impact of generative AI on student learning, the usefulness (or uselessness) of various approaches to assessment, what is misconduct in a GenAI age and how might we detect it, and how we could use GenAI to provide care and support.  
  • Beyond the Buzz: Navigating the New Frontiers of Trend Analysis | The terms cultural strategy and trends have become tropes as of late with conflicting hot takes. Moderated by Brandwatch and with perspectives from social researchers at Meta, Google and Reddit, this will be an exclusive opportunity to hear leaders from such distinct companies discuss how they personally study human behaviour at scale, make sense of social change, and how trends (should and should not) inform strategy. 

Today’s unveiling is the second of many announcements within the program, stay tuned!

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