Limited SXSW Sydney 2023 Screen Festival Rush Tickets Now Available

October 11, 2023

Like our sister event in Austin, SXSW Sydney is best experienced by exploring the schedule over the whole week.

In our first year in Sydney, we’ve also focused on building that multi-day experience first, curating over 1,000 events. For our Screen Festival alone, we have 155+ films and projects across the week, over 66% of which are from APAC, and five First Nations films co-presented by Winda Film Festival. You can head here for the full rundown of all things screen that will be on offer.

Now that we’re close to the event, we have set aside a certain amount of seats in a selection of screenings happening from October 15 to 21. So, for anyone wanting to see something specific but who can’t make it to enough sessions for a wristband or badge to suit — rush tickets are available now.

Where can I get them? Head here to buy now.

How much are they? $25

Anything else? To ensure that the filmmakers get a full house, if there’s space left at screenings, we will make extra tickets available 15 mins before showtime. (Please note: it’s more likely that tickets will be available for sale at larger venues).

About SXSW Sydney Screen Festival

The SXSW Sydney 2023 Screen Festival, proudly presented by Telstra, brings together creatives across a wide range of specialties from around the world, with a particular focus on the incredible talent within the Asia-Pacific region. With a program that includes feature films, shorts, TV premieres, music videos, and XR, we wholeheartedly embrace the democratisation of screen storytelling. Join us in this celebration of the moving image and its future. The SXSW Sydney 2023 Screen Festival takes place from Oct. 15-21.

Accessing SXSW Sydney 2023 – Badges and Wristbands

Badges are your master key for SXSW Sydney – they open the doors to all activity across the week-long event, from its Conference and Tech & Innovation Expo to its Music, Screen and Games Festivals. Hearing from the hitmakers mentioned in this article is only possible with a badge.

Wristbands give access to either SXSW Sydney’s Music, Screen or Games festivals, for performances, screenings and showcases.

  • Music Festival: 300 performances in 25 venues over 4 nights.
  • Screen Festival: unlimited screenings over one week.
  • Games Festival: 150 new indie games and parties over 6 nights.

Head here to find the level of access that’s right for you.

Get Planning

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