How To Take Your Business To The Next Level At SXSW Sydney

June 23, 2023

Southern Hemisphere winter has well and truly settled in, which means it’s only a matter of time until SXSW Sydney gets under way for the very first time.

Hundreds of speakers, business leaders and creatives will be descending on the Harbour City from October 15 to 22, taking part in everything from mind blowing showcases and expo installations, to inspiring keynotes and challenging panel discussions. There’s simply no better place for you and your business to be this October. There are countless opportunities for you and your team to meet new clients, network, upskill and take your business to a whole new level.

To get you ready for what SXSW Sydney holds, we’ve broken down exactly how you can get the most out of the week for your business.

Come Prepared & Know Your Goals

You know the old saying: failure to prepare is preparing to fail. That saying seems a little dramatic, sure, but the thinking behind it is rock solid – if you have your ducks in a row, you’re going to get better results.

There are so many opportunities and experiences available to you at SXSW Sydney, it’s crucial that you and your team go into the week with a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Do you want to connect with your peers across the industry? Perhaps you want to find new customers and potential clients? Or do you simply want your team to soak up as much new information about your industry as possible, get inspired and find new mentors? Identifying what your key goals are will make planning for the week so much easier.

Alongside all that, get all your relevant materials sorted in advance, including digital or physical business cards and collateral. And if you’re coming with an elevator pitch, make sure you’ve got it fine-tuned and ready to go.

Plan Out Your Days

SXSW Sydney is going to be a massive event. There is so much to do and to see that it’s easy to get overwhelmed unless you plan your attack.

Sit down with your team in the weeks leading up to October 15 and make a schedule. Highlight exactly what you want to experience – whether that is the keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, or festivals and showcases. Make sure to put it time to check out the meet-and-greet and other spaces where you and your team can network.

If you’re going with a team, think about dividing and conquering – that way you’re going to see as much as is humanly possible.

Also, make sure the team has fun! SXSW Sydney is going to be an energetic and full-on event and ensuring your team has the time to take it all in will pay dividends in increasing morale and the bond within your business.

Learn How To Love Networking

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, networking is an essential skill to have in your back pocket. But like any skill, you need to work at it. Networking isn’t about grabbing someone’s hand for a shake, giving them your business card and then leaving. It’s about building relationships and getting to know people in a genuine and meaningful way.

To help you sharpen those skills, here are some basic tips for when you hit the ground at SXSW Sydney:

  • Be Open And Friendly

If you go into every conversation you have with the strict aim of ‘getting something out of it’, you’re not going to get very far. Instead, focus on just being open, confident and friendly. Ask questions, get to know the person you’re speaking to, simply enjoy having a conversation with someone new.

Generosity is also highly valued – even if you might not be able to do business with that person, do you know someone who can? Be helpful and point them in the right direction, you never know when that good karma might come back.

  • Develop Meaningful Connections

You’re sure to meet a lot of people at SXSW Sydney, from CEOs to emerging entrepreneurs. No matter their title, a little effort goes a long way and will allow you to find value in everyone you meet. So we suggest being open to connecting with as many people as you can and try to gain some knowledge or insight you might not have had previously.

  • Invest Quality Time

It seems obvious, but so many of us forget it. Like in your personal life, you need to put in quality time to build relationships in the world of work.

If you’ve just linked up with someone that you think you can work with in the future, try and organise some time within the week to catch up – maybe check out one of the festivals and parties that are happening, or organise time for a coffee somewhere in the SXSW Sydney Precinct.

Remember To Follow Up!

Once you and your team have taken a moment to rest after what will be a very busy week, make sure to follow up with everyone that you’ve gotten to know during the event. Strike while the iron is hot: lock in time to catch up in the few weeks after the event and get the ball rolling.

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