First Glimpse of the SXSW Sydney® 2023 Screen Festival Shorts Program Revealed

September 5, 2023

Itching for the silver screen? We’ve got you covered. The inaugural SXSW Sydney Screen Festival presented by Telstra is making landfall next month, with 33 new short films joining the ever-growing line-up of films.

Forming part of the festival’s Shorts Program these short films aim to ignite the city through visual storytelling and provide a platform for voices in the APAC region. Out of the 33 films, you’ll be able to hear from Asian, Australian, First Nations and LGBTQI+ voices as part of the following four themes:

Short Visions: Future Present Perfectly Wrong

A mix of genres from hybrid documentary to creative animation, experimental work to psychedelic visual artistry. Through various subjects and filmmaking styles, this Shorts program re-evaluates the purpose and meaning of technology and how it shapes our future, for better or worse.

Short Visions: Crazy Fun

Filmmaking is taken to another level of creativity with this collection’s twists and turns. Free from boundaries and traditional storytelling expectations, it features films that are absurdly chaotic and hilariously bent.

Short Visions: Tell Me A Story

This program of story-first films covers intimate teenage relationships, a hybrid documentary about space objects and powerful queer animation.

Short Nightmares

Imagined from the other side of Midnight, this program moves between gruesome crime scenes, creepy thrillers, explosive secretions and a mysterious doll romance. This selection will keep your eyes wide open.

An additional Bush Shorts program will follow later this month, curated by the talented Pauline Clague, the founder of the Winda Film Festival.

The Shorts Program links up to SXSW Sydney Screen Festival and all it has to offer, from red carpet premieres, including The Royal Hotel and previously announced Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles, expect features, shorts, series, music videos and an XR showcase at the SXSW Sydney Screen Festival.

How do you get access we hear you asking? Purchase a SXSW Sydney Platinum or Screen, Games, Music and Tech badges, or Screen Festival wristband to unlock a door to the cutting-edge entertainment and art the APAC region has to offer. Buy now and save $40 with the Early Bird price of $240 for SXSW Sydney 2023 Screen Festival wristbands accessible here until September 13th.

The 33 shorts premiering at SXSW Sydney’s Screen Festival include:

  • Aikane (US), directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Dean Hamer, Daniel Sousa and Joe Wilson
  • Architect A (South Korea), directed by Jonghoon Lee
  • Bald Future (AU), directed by Reilly Archer-Whelan and Michael Whyntie
  • Basri & Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy (Indonesia), directed by Khozy Rizal
  • Clown (AU), directed by Aarushi Chowdhury
  • Compound Eyes of Tropical 熱帶複眼 (Taiwan), directed by Zhan Zhang Xu
  • Dark (Singapore), directed by Alistair Quak
  • Development (AU), directed by Rebecca Metcalf
  • Eating Late (AU), directed by Lewis Attey & Daniel Wood
  • Eid Mubarak (Pakistan), directed by Mahnoor Euceph
  • Epicentre (South Korea), directed by Hee-yoon Hahm
  • Eyestring (US), directed by Javier Devitt
  • F1ghting Looks Different 2 Me Now (US), directed by Fox Maxy
  • False As A Beach (AU), directed by Stephanie Jane Day
  • Fix Anything (Vietnam), directed by Lê Lâm Viên
  • Fuck Me Richard (AU/US), directed by Lucy McKendrick
  • Hyperconnect (AU), directed by Jim Muntisov
  • I Have No Legs, and I Must Run (China), directed by Li Yue
  • IMOAN (AU), directed by Catherine Kelleher
  • Memorabilia (AU), directed by Ceridwen Dovey and Rowena Potts, voiced by Matilda Ridgway
  • On Film (AU), directed by Emma Hough Hobbs
  • Pairing (AU), directed by Matthew Burns
  • Pasifika Drift (AU), directed by Alana Hicks
  • Pixels of the Orient (Canada), directed by Warren Chan
  • Record. Play. Stop. (India), directed by Neeraj Bhattacharjee
  • Rival Dealer (AU), directed by John Angus Stewart, starring Amy Taylor of Amyl and the Sniffers
  • Someday All This Will Be Yours (US), directed by and starring Cricket Arrison
  • Sugar Rag (US/AU), directed by Jai Love LaPan
  • Sweet Juices (AU), directed by Seion Im and Will Suen, starring Shirong Wu and Cat Văn-Davies
  • The Krewd Party (AU), directed by Alice Taylor
  • This Is Not Here (AU), directed by Charlotte Mungomery
  • Tongue (Canada/Japan), directed by Yoshida Kaho
  • We Used To Own Houses (AU), directed by David Robinson-Smith, starring Thom Green

These 33 films join the already announced slate of independent films, as well as the Upfront Festival hosted by Channel 7 & Amazon Prime. You can check out the screen lineup so far here.

Today, we are proud to announce that Telstra will join us as the Official Major Sponsor of SXSW Sydney 2023 Screen Festival.

With a legacy grounded in fostering technological advancements and pushing boundaries, Telstra have shown an unwavering commitment to connecting Aussies with each other and the world. By bridging the gap between imagination and execution, Telstra emerges as the perfect partner for propelling the creative screen arts to new heights.

Of their partnership, Telstra’s Principal of Media, Sponsorship & Awards, Genelle Sharples says: “We are very excited to have come on board as the SXSW Sydney Screen Festival Sponsor for the inaugural SXSW Sydney. SXSW is known around the world as the pinnacle festival that celebrates creativity, so we are proud to give everyone the opportunity to experience the talented storytelling from over 100 directors. We look forward to celebrating and showcasing this creativity in film and screen content from Australia and the Asia Pacific.”

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