Explore The First Session Select Submissions To Feature At The SXSW Sydney Conference

May 11, 2023

Since its inception, SXSW® has championed community and collaboration, and Sydney’s event will be no different. Session Select was born as a platform for our creative community to submit their ambitious ideas. We then invited everyone to vote on their favourite panels, presentations, speakers, mentor sessions and workshops.

The response to Session Select was overwhelming: the SXSW Sydney team received over 1,400 submissions from around the world. We then put these out for the public to have their say, garnering more than 100,000 votes in less than three weeks.

Your First Glimpse Of The Session Select Submissions Shaping The 2023 Conference

It’s 2050 And The Robots Are Among Us

The robot population hit 8.6 million in 2021, where will it be in 2050? This session will take a deep dive into the evolution of robots, the tech’s ethics, how they’re used for good, evil and in dangerous environments, plus making AI more culturally diverse.

Thriving In The Future (Of Work)

With AI doing the grunt work and remote working making our lives supremely flexible, the future promises a more fulfilling work life. Join this star panel featuring Derek Laney (Slack from Salesforce), Dominic Price (Atlassian), Mary Lemonis (REA Group) and Ross Dawson (Advanced Human Technologies Group) as they tackle the future of work and productivity.

The Full Stack Human

What is a Full Stack human? This session will discuss what they are, while exploring their diversity, collaborative and forward-thinking nature. Expect your horizons to be expanded, and discover how adaptability is required to solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

Finding Work Life Balance: Can We Achieve The Ultimate Goal?

Join an inspiring and unexpected journey with Ben Crowe to discover the magical and counterintuitive principles behind the world’s most successful athletes, CEOs and teams. You’ll get insight into how they balance work, life and ultimately achieve success.

What Can We Learn From The Skies Of Alien Planets? Astrophysicists Tell All

Bringing together astronomy experts, this session will delve into scientific research that informs our understanding of space, the potential habitability of these worlds and the search for life beyond our solar system. Plus, how artists and writers have influenced aliens in pop culture.

Our Moonshoots To Net Zero By 2030

To achieve Net Zero by 2030, electrify our society, remove the plastic from our oceans, protect our precious diversity and feed 9 billion people, we need a new type of thinking. This session will explore what Moonshot thinking is and give you the tools to set your own ambitious goals to create a better future for all.

Rage With The Machine: Harnessing The Creativity Of AI In Music And Songwriting

What does it mean to be a music artist, composer, songwriter or music producer in a time of emerging tech and AI? This session will look at the latest breakthroughs in digital tools, the use of AI in the songwriting and music product process, plus what’s in store for the not-too-distant future.

New Music Trends Across Greater China

In this post-COVID world, Greater China’s music industries are coming back to life, with legendary Mandopop stars releasing new albums to reinvigorate their dedicated fanbases. But how are younger artists challenging the supremacy of these astronomically successful artists? Find out more in this insightful session.

Tom Nash: Designing for One, Designs for All

How can disability make innovation unique? With a captivating storytelling style, join Tom Nash in a perspective-changing session about how Universal Design solves problems for the individual while having unintended positive consequences for the wider population. From lever-style door handles to voice recognition technologies, discover how disability designs have become crucial tools in today’s world.

Sports Marketing: How Do We Guarantee The Future Of Sports Entertainment?

With waning interest among Gen Z,  platform viewing proliferation and increased competition globally, our sports industry is facing more challenges than ever. How do we engage the next generation of fans? Join this session to find out, while exploring the landscape of sports marketing.

Pretty Thought-Provoking Stuff Isn’t It?

These are the first of many Session Select panels that will shape the SXSW Sydney 2023 conference, and there are plenty more to be announced over the coming months.

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We’ve Welcomed More Partners Into The SXSW Sydney Fold

Last but certainly not least, SXSW Sydney is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the CSIRO and venture capital firm Main Sequence to present the 2050 Conference track.

SXSW Sydney will take place at venues across the event precinct from October 15 to 22 2023.