Conferences, Festivals, Networking, and Expos. How does it all work?

February 8, 2023

SXSW Sydney isn’t your average event, not by a long shot. Whether you come for Tech & Innovation, Games, Music, Screen or all of these – you’re going to walk away with much more than what you expected.

In keeping with this ethos, there are a number of different formats through which you’ll be able to experience the week-long event. If you’re someone that loves a panel or a workshop, you’re in luck. If you’re someone that wants to get up close and personal with live performances and parties, guess what? There’s that too. Here’s what you can expect to tuck into at SXSW Sydney.


Through inspiring keynotes and robust panels, the SXSW Sydney Conference will provide the perfect platform to dig into the ideas that will shape the future of your industry. From climate and sustainability, health and wellbeing, to visions for 2050, AI and the Metaverse, and marketing and advertising – the Conference will dive into the most pressing topics across the intersection of culture with our five key industries (read more about these here). This is your opportunity to hear from global leaders in your space and to network with others that share an appetite for innovation and creativity.


Live performances from the hottest up and coming bands and solo artists? Yep. Screenings of the best new films? Absolutely. Parties where you can clink drinks with the best in the biz? You know it. Game launches where you can experience cutting edge gameplay. Yes you can. SXSW Sydney festivals are the most unique way to experience the worlds of music, games and screen. Head along to live showcases, parties, networking, awards and other special events that we have in store. They’re the perfect place to encounter the next big thing – and to let your hair down a little while you’re at it.


You’ll be able to get up close and personal with the future of Tech and Innovation at SXSW Sydney Expo. Experience brand new ideas that will change your industry – bring some of your own while you’re at it – and throw yourself into interactive installations, demos, showcases and a heap more. This is the place to roll up your sleeves and get involved.  


It’s a saying as old as time: it’s all about who you know. Connection and collaboration drive all industries forward and SXSW Sydney will help you meet the sharpest minds in your field and take the next steps in your career. There’ll be official lounges for you to hang out and meet new people, a bunch of mentoring sessions for you to suck up some vital new info and parties so you can sip away and get to know your peers.

Guess What? We Want You To Get Involved

Clearly, we’re all about ideas at SXSW Sydney, and we want to hear yours. You can submit ideas, pitch for conference sessions, and put your hand up to be a speaker through our Session Select portal. Submissions are open now and will close February 28, 2023 – you can find more information about that over here.

Artist applications for showcases at SXSW Sydney Music Festival and SXSW Sydney Screen Festival are also now open, as are expressions of interest to exhibit at our expo. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your talent on a world stage so take a chance on yourself and apply.