Australian singer-songwriter SAHXL released his debut EP, COME THRU, in late 2023 and is gearing up to release his follow up in May off the back of his latest single documenting a tale of heartbreak, “Negligent”.

SAHXL has big intentions: “I have one goal— to introduce the world to the new sounds of R&B coming out of Australia,” he says. “I’m not just doing this for myself; I’m doing this for the people around me too.” It’s safe to say he’s well on his way. The Sydney-based artist started making music as a 14-year-old as a form of emotional release, and eventually put his music on SoundCloud, catching the attention of local producers. He has released a number of singles, has been included in Apple Music’s Up Next Local series, and has been shouted out by radio personality Ebro Darden and fellow Australian musician The Kid LAROI.

Last year, he became the first Australian artist to sign with Def Jam. COME THRU offers a captivating introduction to SAHXL’s sound, storytelling ability, and impressive emotional range. The project is a vivid, vulnerable collection of songs following the arc of a romantic relationship from start to finish. The project positions SAHXL as a wise storyteller in touch with his trickiest and most unpleasant emotions, as well as an adept producer and composer capable of wordlessly conveying yearning, remorse, and anger through his instrumental arrangements.