Maina Doe

A seductive melancholy defines ODIWAMS (onedayitwillallmakesense), the extraordinary debut EP of Sydney artist Maina Doe. The musician reconfigures the experimental and elegaic sounds of R&Band soul, transforming them into something entirely her own. ODIWAMS is characterised by its duality of lightness and darkness, its evocations of dueling feelings such as hedonism, solitude, and serenity. “It’s my music buffet, take what you can from it,” says Maina Doe.


So many styles and stories stretch across the six tracks that make up ODIWAMS. “I have always wanted to make music that comes from many angles and perspectives. This EP realised itself very organically when I was writing it,”Maina Doe says. In moments, Maina Doe chronicles the pleasures and pains of urban life - its euphoria, its connections, its disappointments, its alienations.In other instances, she longs for a simpler existence, solace sketched in beautiful shades of brooding electronica. For instance, on EP opener “Hello”she meshes her transcendent vocals with a bunch of diverse field recordings -taken from travels, shows, and intimate conversations.


“It’s not always easy for me to be vulnerable. So some of the more vulnerable moments are a little hard for me to grip with, knowing that a bunch of strangers are going to know me like that. The most challenging and rewarding part of this is accepting that I don’t have a choice – the music will push and continue to be made and I have to allow myself to be heard and seen and felt” says Maina Doe. Produced with Finbar Stuart, 18YOMAN, LEN20 and UNOStereo, the EP balances ambient tones with electronic futurism, crafting a singular sound of sprawling R&’B that contains dreamy, eerie undercurrents. The EP’s lead single “Maybe” embodies this, a buoyant but unvarnished look at how we can be drawn to facades and mislead one another. “Maybe we blinded or short on some guidance/I don’t know what it is I stay in my business, we all got our reasons” Maina Doe sings.


Instead of confining oneself to these restrictive characters, she advocates for authenticity, while also admitting that fallinginto the traps of status and appearances is a part of

everyday life. “Don’t Worry Bout Me” expands Maina Doe’s explorations of independence and individuality. On the second half of the EP, Maina Doe narrates the tough but ultimately cathartic experience of moving through troubling emotions. The spellbinding “Witness” sees Maina Doe travel through humility, anger, and beauty, emerging with a new sense of self-possession (“You gotta listen, they’ll never get it”). This floats onto “Damnnnn” an intricate and beautiful rumination on overcoming heartbreak. She finishes with album closer “Lucid Dreams” a dreamy, infectious song about shaking off of vanity and embracing forgiveness. “I hope this record makes people feel closer to themselves, their convictions, and me,” says Maina Doe.


Since 2019, Maina Doe has been lauded for her singles, receiving support from BBC Radio,

Vice, Notion, Soulection, Rinse FM and Vogue, among others.She has performed support slots for the likes of Masego, Winston Surfshirt, and Tkay Maidza. Last year, she made her headline debut at a sold-out show at the Sydney Opera House for festival VIVID LIVE."