Jordan Barclay (AKA EYstreem)

Jordan Barclay, AKA EYstreem (e-Y-stream) is the CEO and founder of Spawnpoint Media, the multi-million dollar production studio behind many of YouTube’s most popular youth gaming channels including ‘EYstreem,’ ‘Firelight’ and the upstart, ‘Milo and Chip’, leading a 50+ person production team out of his soon-completed, bespoke production studio near Melbourne, Australia. Jordan first launched the EYstreem channel in 2012, now the most watched gaming channel in Australia which continues to draw over 120 million views per month, and now the network boasts 13M subscribers across a dozen channels that collectively, have recorded over 3.5B views. He’s widely recognised for his nuanced Minecraft programming and ‘safe-viewing’ practices that actively rebuke sensational or shocking content and instead, create supportive spaces for youth-oriented viewing.