SXSW Sydney Adds More Artists And A Big Featured Speaker To The Line-up

May 4, 2023

SXSW Sydney is incredibly excited to announce the next round of artists that will be performing at the Music Festival in October. We’ve locked in a huge array of talent, from emerging homegrown heroes to bonafide international stars. Better yet, they come from all across the genre spectrum: whether you’re into R&B and hip-hop, indie and rock, or jazz and experimental, you’re going to find it at SXSW Sydney.

We’ve also added a renowned speaker to our Conference lineup, who will bring us a wealth of knowledge about one of the biggest industries on the planet: K-pop.

So take a deep breath, and let’s get to know the new faces that will be appearing at SXSW Sydney.

We’re Welcoming Chris Lee As A Speaker

Chris Lee – a.k.a. Sung-su Lee – is the Chief A&R Officer and former CEO, SM Entertainment. Since joining in 2005, he has been a key player in making SM Entertainment the industry-leading entertainment company that it is today. Lee and SM Entertainment have been responsible for launching some of the biggest careers in K-Pop, including SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT and aespa. Lee has unparalleled insight into the workings of the colossal K-Pop industry, and we can’t wait to welcome him to SXSW Sydney.

And now, for the artists…

1tbsp | Australia

Brisbane-based producer Maxwell Byrne is well-known in the local dance scene, having produced some of the country’s electronic music under the name Golden Vessel. In 2019, having started to create songs that splintered away from Golden Vessel, Byrne created a new alias: 1tbsp, a house-driven project that quickly took off on the back of releases like the Kanashi EP and a string of well-received singles. In 2022, 1tbsp leveled up again, touring with acts like Young Franco and dropping collaborations with acts like Nick Ward and Sampology. This year is set to be even bigger – with a new EP It’s Very Loud having just been released, 1tbsp is heading to new heights.

Alter Boy | Australia

Alt-pop Collective Alter Boy might just be the most exciting band in Australia at the moment. Fronted by the incredibly charismatic Molly Priest, the band – which contains Hard of Hearing members and an Auslan (Australian Sign Language) performer – boldly collide elements of electronic with bright splashes of avant-garde artpop. Early releases like ‘Frankenstein’s Dream’ saw them quickly gain attention from the local industry, and they’ve followed it up with excellent singles like 2022’s ‘I Repent’, and 2023’s ‘Like Home’. They’ve been an in-demand act for festivals around the country, and they’ll bring their incredible energy to SXSW Sydney.

Andrew Gurruwiwi Band | Australia

If you’ve never seen the Andrew Gurruwiwi Band in full flight before, you have a very big treat in store. The seven-piece funk and reggae outfit are renowned for their high-energy live shows, which often spin out in all-out jams. The band’s songs are a mix of Yolngu Matha and English – a new genre they’ve christened Yolngu Funk. Keytar-wielding frontman Andrew Gurriwiwi is an arresting performer, leading his band and the audience through brilliant tracks like ‘Gatjumak’. If you feel like a boogie, then the Andrew Gurriwiwi Band is your ticket.

Ashli | Australia

When Ashli released her debut EP Only One in October last year, everyone took notice. Only One was a stunning collection of R&B and future soul, with tracks like ‘Dance Again’ showcasing Ashli’s sharp songwriting and arranging talent. Raised between New Jersey and Western Sydney, Ashli has quickly been tipped as Australia’s ‘Next Big Thing’ – she even won a SMAC Award for that category last year. With a much-talked-about performance at SXSW Austin this year and an upcoming appearance at SXSW Sydney in October, 2023 will be another huge step for Ashli.


If you’re looking for an enigmatic presence packed with quirk, then CHAMELEON LIME WHOOPIEPIE (CLWP) is it. The trio – led by Chi and accompanied by her friends, Whoopies No. 1 and No. 2 – are cross-disciplinary artists who dip their toes into writing, performing, as well as creating music videos and album art. Selected for Spotify’s “RADAR: Early Noise 2021” and performing at SXSW Austin earlier this year, they’re well on their way to international success. By blending the vibes of a world in turmoil with their eclectic aesthetic, they’re making new-wave pop music like you’ve never heard before.

Dean Brady | Australia

It seems remarkable that Dean Brady only released his debut single in February of this year. Titled ‘Falling’, it’s an incredibly accomplished and mature piece of songwriting, blending elements of indie-pop with R&B and soul that tips the greats of the genre, as well as innovators like Anderson. Paak. Descended from Gugu Yalanji and Birrigubba people and the Matabele Zimbabwean people, Brady grew up in a very musical household, courtesy of his parents who were members of the renowned group Banawurun. If ‘Falling’ is the beginning for Brady, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

DICE | Australia

Perth has been the birthplace of some of Australia’s most revered bands, and out of the rich legacy comes DICE. Over the last few years, the alt-rock four-piece has earned a reputation for high-energy live sets, which have earned them an incredibly devoted fanbase in their home state and beyond. Their debut EP Adolescent Arcade arrived in 2022, containing bright, summery tracks like ‘Double Espresso’ and ‘Stop Sign’, and the band is currently gearing up to drop their new EP Time Will Tell in May. Clearly, Perth has created another winner.

dust | Australia

If post-punk is more your speed, then look no further than Newcastle five-piece Dust. Dust make music that will stretch your mind: frenetic and blistering tracks that grasp your attention in seconds. They refuse to stay in one lane, incorporating layers of free jazz and electronic as well. “We’ve gone in any direction we’ve wanted to, because I think [post-punk] allows you to do that,” guitarist Gabriel Stove recently told NME. With their debut EP Et Cetera, Etc now out in the world, 2023 is going to be big for Dust.

Elle Shimada | Australia

There are few artists out there like Elle Shimada. The Tokyo-born, Melbourne-based artist wears a lot of hats: she’s a renowned violinist, vocalist, producer, curator, and multi-instrumentalist. Bringing together elements of jazz, electronic, alternative and indie, and something that’s entirely her own, Shimada weaves compositions that are completely enthralling. Her 2022 debut album Home Location, a spiraling journey through jazz and dance, was named one of the albums of the year by numerous publications. Let Shimada take you on your own journey at SXSW Sydney.

Go-Jo | Australia

With a truly distinct sound and captivating personality, Go-Jo is one to watch. Marty Zambotto – the emerging pop star behind the project – grew up on a self-sustained property in remote Western Australia. After getting his first guitar at 13, Go-Jo began producing and writing songs for others before finding his voice; his off-grid upbringing proving key to his unique sound and character. With a knack for connecting to fans and an entrepreneurial approach to finding new audiences, Go-Jo is one helluva personality to keep your eye on.

hanbee | New Zealand

One of the fastest-rising stars in indie pop, Hanbee has earned a hugely devoted fanbase off the back of glimmering singles like ‘Strawberry’ and ‘dice & checkers’. It’s been a swift rise for the Korean singer, having amassed more than three million streams in just a handful of months. It’s not hard to see why: these are absorbing songs that will soundtrack your golden early mornings, or sleepy late nights. The industry is taking a keen notice: Hanbee has already notched up support slots with artists like Fazerdaze and Telenova. Her latest EP bye my bed arrived just a couple of months ago, and her set at SXSW Sydney will be highly, highly anticipated.

Hans. | New Zealand

Korean-New Zealand rapper Hans. has been on the industry radar since he broke out with the massive single ‘Froyo’ in 2017, which featured indie star Clairo. He hasn’t missed a beat since then, releasing acclaimed single after acclaimed single (including a perfect slice of indie pop/rap with Hanbee, called ‘Warmer’). In 2022 he came through with kimyuntak, an arresting lo-fi collection of tracks that nodded to his Korean heritage while boldly stepping into the future of hip-hop. Hans. is a name on the lips of everyone ‘in the know’ of hip-hop, so make sure he’s on your SXSW Sydney schedule.


Hypnosis Therapy sure lives up to its name. The prolific new electronic duo out of Seoul sees rapper/vocalist Jjangyou and producer Jflow – seasoned veterans in Korean Hip Hop and Alternative scenes respectively – join forces for a mesmerising display of creativity. They launched their self-titled debut album in 2022, and since then have been praised by the likes of Mixmag, Hypebeast and Vogue. Gearing up for their highly anticipated sophomore album due later in 2023, these two are coming into SXSW Sydney fresh.

Mali Jo$e | Australia

MALI JO$E is often described as the ‘incumbent prince of Australian hip-hop’, and it’s easy to see why. Mali broke out of the Perth rap scene when he was just 17, turning heads everywhere with his rapid-fire flow and razor-sharp lyrics. In the years since he’s just gone from strength to strength, and his most recent single ‘Neva That’, featuring First Nations rapper Kobie Dee, was arguably his strongest yet – completely energetic and fresh. His sound is far from static: “I try not to stay in one place too much,” MALI JO$E told WAVEAUZ last year. He’ll be bringing his new EP Sunseeker to the SXSW Sydney stage in October – mark it in your schedule.

Mi-kaisha | Australia

Once you hear Mi-kaisha’s voice, you’ll never forget it. The First Nations singer, who splits her time between Sydney and New York City, possesses a voice like few others: rich and expressive, with the ability to grip listeners with only a few notes. With only a few releases under her belt – the 2019 self-titled EP, and most recently the 2022 single ‘Seen’, Mi-kaisha has established herself as an irrepressible R&B and soul talent. Coupled with her fierce activism, advocating for the rights of Pacific Islanders and First Nations Peoples in Australia, Mi-kaisha is emerging as one of the country’s most important young voices.

Mikayla Pasterfield | Australia

As Mikayla Pasterfield tells it, she stumbled into music because of a ‘scheduling mishap’ in high school that resulted in her studying music for four years. We’ve never been so grateful for a mishap before. Pasterfield’s debut single ‘Damage You Still Do’ arrived in January this year, a stunning and affecting piece of alt-folk that recalls the best of artists like First Aid Kit. Her second single ‘Bindi In The Dirt’ came out in March, another striking example of Pasterfield’s songwriting prowess.

Milku | Australia

If you’re looking for one of Australia’s rising stars, look no further. As a child, Darwin-born Miles Elkington was once told by a Spice Girl that he was ‘fanciable and cheeky’. Milku is his attempt to fulfill her prophecy. Part bedroom art-pop, part love letter to synthesisers, autotune and the New York indie bands of the early 00’s – Milku is all parts bold, bombastic and emotional. Did we mention he’s also the touring guitarist for indie band Middle Kids? Honestly, if you don’t go check them out, you’ll be missing indie pop’s next rising star. Get to it!

Nuha Ruby Ra | United Kingdom

Out of the musical melting pot that is East London comes Nuha Ruby Ra, avant-garde punk force who is creating some of the most exciting music to come out of the UK. But Avant-punk only describes a fraction of what Nuha Ruby Ra is as an artist – her music boldly and brashly clashes together industrial rock, dance, pop, noise and art rock, and more. It’s a unique sound that has seen her brought on tour with artists like Amyl & The Sniffers and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. If you’re in the mood to have your mind expanded, Nuha Ruby Ra has to be on your SXSW Sydney list.

PANIA | Australia

West Melbourne’s PANIA will arrive at SXSW Sydney fresh from a huge couple of years. The singer only dropped her debut single ‘ICYY’ in 2020, and has followed it up with a string of excellent cuts, like 2021’s ‘proof’ and 2022’s ‘tiki’. Her silky vocals glide over the neo-soul tracks, and she’s just getting better: her most recent single ‘P STANDS FOR PLAYA’ showcased her perfect pop hooks. With a slew of festival appearances in the bag and a support slot for Kehlani locked down, PANIA is poised to break through in 2023.

Phoebe Go | Australia

Melbourne-based songwriter Phoebe Lou has been a crucial part of the local industry since she broke out in 2011 with her wildly popular band Snakadaktal. They disbanded in 2014, and since then Lou has gone on to create music under many different guises – in the acclaimed duo Two People, and now as a solo artist under the name Phoebe Go. Phoebe Go’s music is tender and gentle, vivid sketches of daily life and love that will tug at heartstrings. Her debut EP Player arrived in October 2022, garnering significant attention from tastemakers around the country – and her set at SXSW Sydney will surely be one of the most anticipated.

Rum Jungle | Australia

Newcastle born and bred, Rum Jungle’s sunny disposition will have you beaming. Fusing Surf Rock and Alt Pop, their psychedelic guitars and groovy beats combine for absolutely blissful tunes. Or, as the band describes: ‘a hammock swinging between two palm trees, overlooking the ocean.’ Their first two EPs, ‘Crazy Days’ and ‘Sun & Smoke’, have earned them a loyal fan base, while their performances with Lime Cordiale, Peking Duk, and Hilltop Hoods have well and truly put them on the Australian map. For soundtracks to a cruisy weekend afternoon, the drive home, lazy holidays by the water and endless sunsets, we’re so excited to see Rum Jungle give us a slice of heaven at SXSW Sydney.

Soaked Oats | New Zealand

Soaked Oats percolated into existence in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2017, and have been brewing big time ever since. In 2022, they released their debut full length album, ‘Working Title’, drawing influences from funk, psychedelia, electronica and hip-hop to deliver their strongest piece of songwriting yet. Having performed at festivals like The Great Escape, Laneway, Rhythm & Vines, and WOMAD, the Soaking Oats are now set to play some of their most accomplished shows and material to date. SXSW Sydney, you better watch out.

Teenage Joans | Australia

Since bursting onto the scene after winning triple j’s Unearthed High in 2020, Adelaide pop-punk duo Teenage Joans have become one of the hottest commodities in the Australian music scene. They followed up their breakout track ‘Three Leaf Clover’ with the excellent Taste Of Me EP, which launched singles like ‘Wine’ – which landed at #84 in Triple J’s prestigious Hottest 100 of 2021. In 2022 they crisscrossed the country on tours with artists like The Chats, Violent Soho, Ball Park Music, and more. “We just want to make everyone feel happy and have fun,” the duo told NME of their raucous live shows. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the stage this October.

Vv Pete | Australia

For many years now, Western Sydney has consistently produced some of Australia’s best musical talent. Vv Pete is no exception. The Mount Druitt-based Sudanese rapper and singer has been steadily gaining a devoted fanbase thanks to her elastic, melodic flow, and tracks that blend dark and heavy club beats with classic hip-hop. Vv Pete’s only released two tracks so far – the fierce ‘Frauds’ and ‘Bussit’, which both landed in 2022 – but already she’s one of the most-talked-about hip-hop talents in the city. Miss her at your peril.

Wallice | United States

Indie music can be a crowded playing field, but Californian songwriter Wallice sets herself apart. Wallice’s debut EP Off The Rails in 2021 announced her as an artist with indelible hooks and sophisticated artistry, her breezy tracks bottling all the trials and tribulations of growing up in an unsettled world. She’s had a huge 18 months, supporting The 1975 and dropping her second EP 90s American Superstar. She’s got another one ready to go: the Mr Big Shot EP will arrive in June, out through The 1975’s label Dirty Hit. There’s just no signs of slowing down for Wallice.

That’s a lot of new artists joining us for the SXSW Sydney Music Festival – check out the full line-up so far listed below:

  • 1tbsp | Australia
  • Alter Boy | Australia
  • Andrew Gurruwiwi Band | Australia
  • Ashli | Australia
  • Connie Constance | United Kingdom
  • Dean Brady | Australia
  • DICE | Australia
  • dust | Australia
  • EKKSTACY | Canada
  • Elle Shimada | Australia
  • Go-Jo | Australia
  • hanbee | New Zealand
  • Hans. | New Zealand
  • Los Bitchos | United Kingdom
  • Mali Jo$e | Australia
  • Mi-kaisha | Australia
  • Mikayla Pasterfield | Australia
  • Milku | Australia
  • Nuha Ruby Ra | United Kingdom
  • Otoboke Beaver | Japan
  • PANIA | Australia
  • Phoebe Go | Australia
  • Redveil | United States
  • Rum Jungle | Australia
  • Soaked Oats | New Zealand
  • Teenage Joans | Australia
  • Vv Pete | Australia
  • Wallice | United States

We’ve Also Got Some Exciting New Partners On Board

SXSW Sydney is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Vans and Dr Martens, who’ll play an integral role in bringing the Music Festival and program to life.

All Sounds Pretty Good, Doesn’t It?

So many amazing artists have already been locked into SXSW Sydney (check out SXSW Sydney Music Festival Announces First Artists for more), and there are plenty more to be announced over the coming months.

So don’t miss out on any of the action – badges are on sale now at a reduced price. If you’re not sure which badge is right for you, read this handy explainer over here.

Your badge will give you access to all of these amazing artists, as well as a whole bunch of exclusive opportunities. You’ll get to learn about the future of music at our conference – packed with networking sessions, hands-on workshops and inspiring panels. Whether you’re an emerging artist, a seasoned music exec or a young gun trying to sign the next breakthrough act – a music badge will be the gift to yourself that’ll keep on giving.

SXSW Sydney will take place at venues across the event precinct from October 15 to 22.